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Twilight Kick & Bass essentials [Preset & sample pack]

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Twilight Kick & Bass essentials [Preset & sample pack]

Ollie Psy Music
5 ratings

Ollie - Twilight kick & Bass essentials

Profesisonal high quality kick and bass samples & presets for Kick2 and Serum suitable for Twilight, Forest, Night full-on and the darker spectrum of the psychedelic dance music.

Each kick has been designed from the ground up to deliver maximum punch & warmth while being fully customizable to easily match the key of your track and phase aligne with your bass.

The basslines have been sampled from hardware synthesizers* then digitaly processed to create a unique wavetable for each one of them giving them a flavorful individual color and touch, blending the best of the analog and digital world.

Inside you'll get :

  • Presets :
    • 10 Kick2 kick presets
    • 10 Serum bass presets
  • Samples** :
    • 10 Kick samples
    • 10 Bass samples, each has been sampled over 2 octaves using a Moog style filter with two variations, 24db/LP & 18db/LP.

*Moog Subsequent37, Model D, Clavia Nordlead2, Modal Argon8.

**Sampled from the presets.

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10 Kick2 kick presets, 10 Serum Bass presets


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